Snack Attack -- Top 20 List of "Real Foods" to Satisy Your Sweet and Salty Cravings

Screen shot that says, "Most powerful tool you have to change your brain and your health is your fork."

Before you grab that candy bar, or worse, that can of diet soda, check out my top 20 delicious and nutritious sweet and salty snacks that will leave you feeling full and satisfied.

Top Ten list of Totally Satisfying and Delightfully Filling Snack Foods (Sweet-ish).

  1. Frozen grapes - washed and frozen overnight (One to two cups)

  2. Frozen banana -- peel one, freeze overnight and then blend in food processor

  3. Watermelon - nothing sweeter and juicier!

  4. Greek Yogurt (fat free or low fat) with one to two clementines or medium sliced apple or sliced pear

  5. Decaffeinated chai tea with ½ cup of unsweetened vanilla soy milk, steamed

  6. Yogi Cinnamon Pomegranate Berry Tea, steep two bags in hot water (no added sugar or ½ single serving stevia packet)

  7. Lavash Roll Up, light toasted with 2 TBSP cinnamon and sugar mixed

  8. Designer Whey Chocolate Protein Powder - 1 scoop, blended with ice and water (or soy milk) until creamy and smooth (add 1 cup spinach - you won’t even taste it)

  9. Almond milk (unsweetened) or Soy milk with 1 cup frozen strawberries OR blueberries - but you don’t need both (sneak in a cup of spinach)

  10. Cottage cheese (fat free or low fat) and ½ or 1 cup of any fruit

Top Ten List of Totally Satisfying and Delightfully Filling Snack Foods (Salty-ish)

Designer Whey Protein Drink, Chopped Veggies and Egg Whites with Spinach, Sample Workout
  1. Akmok Crackers with olive oil cooking spray and sea salt (One serving = 1 sheet or 5 crackers)

  2. Avocado with sea salt - by itself or spread it on a serving size of Akmok crackers

  3. Sliced and baked zucchini and squash with sea salt

  4. Baby carrots or sweet peppers - baked @250 degrees for 2 hours - when done, use olive oil cooking spray and sea salt

  5. Trader Joe’s Tofurky - one serving = five whole slices

  6. Cucumber and Feta - Slice and dice one large cucumber and ¼ cup of feta cheese (eat as is or mix it together and spread on Akmok crackers)

  7. Hard boiled egg - with or without yolk and sea salt

  8. Turkey pepperoni slices (one serving = 15 slices) eat alone or served with Ak-Mak crackers)

  9. Low-fat Mozzarella cheese sticks - two-to-three. Keep refrigerated until eaten or melt in microwave oven for 15 seconds and serve with Akmok crackers

  10. Homemade microwave popped popcorn with olive oil cooking spray and sea salt

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