Water -- No matter how you like it -- Plain, Flat, Bubbly, Cold, Room Temperature, Hot, With Fruit, With Vegetables and from a kitchen faucet or bottled -- YOUR goal is TO DRINK MORE OF IT throughout the day, but especially during times of increased physical activity.


"I thought only old people did these kinds of things," quipped my 13-year-old son, as he began a series of movements after complaining of neck, upper back and shoulder pain. 

I quickly reminded him that old or young, athlete or desk jockey, he needs to find wa...

Before you grab that candy bar, or worse, that can of diet soda, check out my top 20 delicious and nutritious sweet and salty snacks that will leave you feeling full and satisfied.  

Top Ten list of Totally Satisfying and Delightfully Filling Snack Foods (Sweet-ish).  


While walking or jogging on the treadmill can be used as a way to warm-up your core body temperature before strength training, consider doing a series of dynamic and compound exercises, especially if you don't have access to cardio eqiupment such as a treadmill, ellipt...

"I hurt my back.... while sleeping." 

This is what a friend texted me the other morning. I shook my head and sighed. I realized it wasn't that long ago that I could have sent a similar text. 

I first injured my back in a water skiing accident when I as in...

Unless you eat it everyday, you won't miss it.  I'm not asking that you give up the things you like, rather truly enjoy those foods in their natural and unprocessed state.

Want Something Salty? 

Go ahead, slice down the middle of an avocado, dig out the pit and add...


So often in our lives, stress is portrayed as purely a negative. But Endocrinologist, Hans Selye, first coined the term -- Eustress -- which is of Greek origin, consisting of the prefix eu - meaning "good" and shortening of the Middle English word, distress to s...

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