SHE Moves Programs

My clients will tell you they've discovered:
  • how their body is supposed to move, and decreasing joint pain and stiffness 
  • that building strength does not mean being muscle-bound -- think toned arms, legs, core, and back
  • how to lose unwanted fat by selecting foods that actually fuel their body vs. satisfy their cravings  
  • how to steadily expand the range of motion in load-bearing joints - hips, knees, shoulders, ankles
  • how flexibility, agility, and mobility all work together
  • moreover, that moving better and more often results in them feeling better and having more energy and is a choice they make daily.  
I focus on designing functional fitness and nutritional programs that helped me personally overcome debilitating neck and back pain, become stronger and healthier than I ever thought I could, and ultimately, lose and maintain 40 pounds of unwanted fat.
So often, these are the very ingredients that produce more zest for life. 
Are you ready to get started? 
Are you ready to get the kind of support, inspiration, accountability, and motivation that only comes from working with your very own health coach and personal trainer? 
If you're ready to get stronger and healthier, starting today, then check out SHE Moves Program Offerings 

SHE Moves Sweat Lifestyles Club

* Strength + Core + Cardio  *

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SHE Moves NuFit Nutrition and Fitness Coaching 

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* Nutritional and Fitness Coaching *

Eat to Live Bootcamp

* 10-Day Nutrition Reset/Review


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SHE Moves Sweat Life

Strength + Cardio + Core 

To live is to move. To move, you need muscles

Beyond the support, inspiration, accountability, and motivation that only comes from working with your very own personal trainer, YOU WILL GET:

  1. Access 1 x 15-minute SHE Moves Sweat call per month to learn about your current fitness level, health history, and set goals -- this is critical as I use this call to develop your personalized strength and conditioning training program

  2. Personalized training program - based on your goals and fitness level, I will design and develop a 2 monthly strength training program that is designed to help you meet your fitness goals. 

  3. Access to LIVE "mini" workouts with me  - Kathryn Quirk, a certified personal trainer two x weekly  --- I will do 4 to 6 exercises at a time, that will include some of my signature moves and then demonstrate some upper and lower body moves, using equipment that is available at most gyms as well as equipment that is accessible to most folks if they workout at home in their living room. 

  4. Access to check-ins from me via Facebook Group -- from live chats where you can ask me anything to times when I am online answering your questions and sharing latest information/ research on improving health, including nutritional guidance and so much more! 


Is it Worth It?

For a fraction of the cost of a private workout with a certified personal trainer, you will get a monthly phone call with me, a totally personalized training program based on your fitness level and goals AND access to private closed Facebook Group S.H.E. Moves Sweat Life -- see above for what's included in that group! 

You will receive your training workout via email, following an initial consultation call and health history forms and signed waivers, I would have verything else, should you chose to access it, will be posted online via the closed private Facebook Group, including videos of the moves


If you don't have access to a gym, I'll advise you on a couple of pieces of equipment to buy to use in your home. 


All of this for the monthly program cost of $49.00. 

Count me in! I want to kickstart/jumpstart my strength and conditioning building program today!

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Eat to Live Nutrition Bootcamp

A 10-day nutritional review/reset

  •  If you're stuck and not sure why you've stopped losing fat, then Eat to Live Nutrition Bootcamp is for you.


  • If you want to understand Eat to Live Nutrition Bootcamp is for you. the

  • difference between physical hunger and emotional hunger and to manage your cravings -- chocolate, cheese, candy, soda -- then


  • If you want to stop the cycle of binge eating, especially at night, then this program is for you. 


  • is for you.  Eat to Live Nutrition Bootcamp If you're ready to take the first steps towards learning how to FUEL your body for how you live, then



Eat to Live Nutrition Bootcamp is designed to help you reset/review the foods you're choosing to eat daily. It's about learning the cues of physical hunger vs. cravings.


Why 10-days? 

It's just long enough for me to understand your lifestyle and the role of eating when you're at work, at home, and on the go.  


Why Do I Have to Track What I Eat? 

Keeping track of what you eat, at least initially, will help you and me understand why you're hungry after just eating breakfast or perhaps why you get the munchies at night.

Tracking is the only way to learn how much you genuinely eat -- of certain foods and not others.


 It's also a chance to see if you're eating enough given all that you're doing every day.  

This program is also the best way to understand the nutritional value of foods that you're eating. After all, it can be confusing given all of the food labels and claims of "All Natural" "Whole Wheat"  "Gluten Free" "No Fat" "Low Carb" among others.  

This program requires that you track what you eat, including the lifesavers and the diet coke, handful of peanuts and a tablespoon of store-bought salad dressings and yes, even the small glass of wine.

The good news is that you only need to track what you eat for just 10 days --  Think of the tracking as the ABCs of eating -- ALL BITES COUNT -- for only 10 days as it will help me to understand when you're hungry vs. bored or having some other feeling that leads you to eat... 


Why Now?

There's no perfect time to do this, and in reality, it's almost better when life isn't perfect.

We need food to live, work, and play, but more often than not, it's used to comfort us and help us de-stress from our day.  Moreover, then, only after we've eaten a whole bag of chips or a pint of ice cream or drank a full bottle of wine, do we realize that food is not the way to soothe our soul, de-stress from the day, help us sleep or wake up. So let's stop demonizing food and instead see food as beautiful, nourishing and restorative -- in all the right ways!


What Do You Get? 

You will get access to me daily, reviewing your food journal entries and sharing my thoughts about your choices and asking questions. I don't judge instead provide insight and information about the decisions you're making in hopes of raising your awareness, knowledge, and skills in becoming a mindful and healthy eater, every day.   

I will post my comments -- both in your app - there's a notes section in the MyFitnessPal app when accessed through the web, and on the Facebook Page - SHE Moves FLAG Bootcamp. 

FLAG Stands for Fat Loss Accountability Group.


This boot camp won't last forever, but I do think two weeks gives you a perfect amount of time to start/restart learning to understand about the role food plays in your life and help you end having "good eating days" and "bad eating days." 


So, are you ready for VERY OWN Nutritional Bootcamp - 10 days of intense review and the kind of feedback that comes from working with a compassionate and caring health coach but also someone who knows first hand what it takes to lose and maintain 30 pounds of unwanted fat. 


Is there a CATCH?

I'm only looking for ten people! Once you're in, then there is no turning back. This is just 10 days... two work weeks and two weekends. It's JUST enough time to learn more about what you're eating and how it makes you feel.

This is NOT a diet! God knows we have all been on plenty of diets.  

This is a chance to understand the role of food in your life so that the next time you're truly physically hungry, you will know what foods satisfy that hunger, give your energy and those that don't!  So, ARE YOU totally willing to put in the work to track your food and share this journey with me and others? 


I only have room for nine more people!  In the time since I've written this, one of my peeps reached out and asked when I was offering this intensive nutritional boot camp review/reset, as it is I can't stop talking about it.   So, if you're truly ready and willing to put in the work, then I truly believe this program is for you, RIGHT NOW (even if you're reading this while sitting on the beach) 


One-time Program Fee -- 10 days of daily nutritional guidance and support is just $39.00

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