Let's get stronger and healthier every day, starting today!  

As a behavioral health counselor and nationally certified personal trainer and group fitness instructor, I've helped thousands of people on their journey to better health.


One of the cool things I've noticed among those who achieve the most: They all exhibit relentless attention to setting and achieving their goals (no matter how small or significant), and a gratitude for the simple lessons that getting stronger and eating healthier provides every day.


I know this because I spent 20 years in pain, following a water skiing accident. During this time, I got cortisone shots and did physical therapy, which always brought some relief, but I was never fully recovered. I spent nearly two decades of my life living a cautionary tale of never doing too much for fear that I would get hurt again or be held back because of my pain.


Following the birth of my third child, the pain in my back and hip were so bad that I couldn’t bend down and tie my shoes.  I knew I couldn't live another second like this, so I went back to the Physical Therapist, only this time what he said utterly changed my life. 


"You're in pain because you're not strong. Your muscles are weak. You have to learn to lift weights," says the physical therapist 


I heeded his advice.  I started slowly and worked with a trainer at my local gym.  As my confidence grew, I switched to taking small group training classes and later teamed up with a local boot camp that pushed me in ways I never thought I could go.  


With strength training, I learned how my body is supposed to move and improved my mobility, stability, and agility. As I got stronger, the pain subsided. Weight training not only made me stronger but it taught me how to bend over, stand up, reach, twist -- dynamic moves we do every day.  I realized the Physical Therapist was right.  Not being in pain allowed me to focus next on eating better and learning about the kinds of foods that fueled my body and made me feel good. Also, I read everything I could about fitness and nutrition, took classes, and then got certified as a personal trainer, group fitness instructor, and a Healthy LifeStyles coach. 


I founded SHE Moves with hopes of reaching even more people, sharing with them my story and showing them the benefits of getting stronger and healthier every day, starting today!! 


S0 come on, let's do this!


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I was in pain for 20 years before I learned about the powerful benefits of strength training, including losing 40 pounds of unwanted fat and eliminating my back and hip pain.